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of traditional home selling.

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Selling a home is a pain.

You have to get the house ready for sale.

You may need to invest in needed renovations.

You decide to hire an agent.

You then need to make sure the house is available to be toured most any time of day.

Once on the market, you ride the roller coaster with buyers who want the moon, including numerous contingencies.

That is just in time to pay some more title and legal fees and have to figure out your move timing to align with the sale.

Sounds like it is time to take a much-needed vacation.

It doesn’t need to be such a headache. This is where we can help.

Yes, there is an easier way.

You can get the cash you need without all the hassles and close within 30 days.

At Ember Capital, we reduce the friction and stress of selling real estate through fair and transparent offers, no showings or fees and fast closings.

You can even stay in your home after closing if needed.

Now is the time.

Why endure the hassles of traditional real estate selling?

Why wait?

Get the cash you need now to move forward with your life’s journey!

You can even stay in your home after closing if needed.

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I had tenants in my investment property and it was such a challenge.  Ember helped me cash out quickly and painlessly.

– Elaine Lawrence, Griffin, GA

I moved locally and Ember covered my moving costs!   What an unexpected surprise.

– Tyreke Brown, Acworth, GA


I had a lien on my house. Ember’s process made it easy to clear and sell at the same time.  Can you say “Easy Button!”.

– Danny Rodriguez, College Park, GA

I couldn’t afford to make the renovations necessary to make my house marketable.  Ember took this issue off my hands.

– Brandon Davis, Atlanta, GA

Wow! Ember helped make the process so easy for me.  They kept me in the loop from their first contact until I had the cash in hand.

– Jodi Fry, Lithia Springs, GA


The Ember team did a great job.  They told me 30 days to closing and they met their commitments.  Thank you, Ember!

– Mark Olson, Lawrenceville, GA

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